A comprehensive program for understanding rudiments to free your hands and expand your drumming skills.

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1. the first principles of (a subject)

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My RUDIMENTAL course is all about getting you comfortable with rudiments and how they work...

You're a drummer with no shortage of ambition. You know a couple of rudiments but are not confident of really understanding how they work and interact with other rudiments. This course is definitely for you!

This course will help you if...

  • You’ve done a few of the Rudiments but are unsure of learning others properly
  • Your not sure how to join different Rudiments together for flowing musical passages
  • You’re overwhelmed with the barrage of YouTube clips out there on Rudiments which stops you from moving forward and you’re not sure how to progress with them 

To the point, succinct video lessons with no flaff, so that it’s easy to rewatch as many times as you like to get the information.

The skills you will gain:

Play and understand

rudiments so that you have a solid skill and not just a casual sticking pattern that you looked at one day.

Dynamic and control

are key learning points as you progress through the course, developing the paradiddle inversions.

Awareness and execution

of the timing and stickings in the rudiments so that you can play them like a pro.

Link them together

in musical passages for fluent execution and hand skill development.

Clear step by step video lessons with music notation for all rudiments, exercises and studies.

8 Modules
52 Individual Video Lessons
Music Transcriptions of all lessons
Submit videos for review
+ Etude Studies


A step by step program designed to give you the knowledge and skills to play rudiments to help you take your playing to the next level.

There are exercises and studies for those new to the learning the rudiments, right up to combinations that will challenge the pros.

I'll be here with you all the way to guide you on your journey. You will have all the information you need to be in control of your rudiments and develop your core technique to enrich your drumming skills.

Clear Program

A clear cut program that keeps you focused on the goal and achieving results.
Two new rudiments are introduced for each module so there's no overwhelming. You get a clear understanding of how each rudiment functions and how to use them in combinations with other rudiments before moving onto the next module.

Proven System

A step by step guide and a systematic approach that is backed by over a decade of proven results.
Each module has preliminary exercises using the new rudiments in short musical phrases. Then to end the module, there is a study which contains every rudiment that you have done up to that stage.

Build Your Confidence

A course that builds your confidence and allows you to progress at your own rate in your own time.
I have students that travel several hundred kilometres each week to study these with me so in embracing the power of technology, I’ve been able to put my new Rudimental program into an online course so that you’re can share it even further.

Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Valuable knowledge for anyone who wants to Enhance their Rudimental Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Pete Hanam

Why I needed to design this course?

I’ve seen so many intermediate students who are playing in bands but struggling to get to really understand and advance their hand skills. I needed a system that was not just, "here are all of the Rudiments, now go play them” approach for my students. The Rudiments can be a bit of a mystery when you’re not familiar to them so I’m here to remove the vail and show you what they are and how they work.

Once you know the Rudiments individually, I use to struggle with time to practice maintaining them. I found the best musical and time efficient way to do this was with studies that contained all of the Rudiments. That’s why I’ve done this with each of the modules, so that once you know the Rudiments you can just focus on the single study to keep your Rudiments in shape.

Plain and Simple: The RUDIMENTAL Course will change the way you play!


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Course Curriculum

Burning Q's your fellow Rudimental Course owner asked before enrolling

I’ll be totally up front with you.

 YES, there’s a significant amount of things I’m going to ask you to learn inside my RUDIMENTAL Course.  

YES, it’ll probably get a little challenging at times.  

YES, you’ll have moments when you might curse my name out loud and scare your neighbours or pets (I forgive you in advance).  

But here’s the thing…  

As long as you’re willing to invest a few hours every week, you can absolutely do this.  You’ve probably recognized by now that there’s NOTHING to be achieved in this world without a significant amount of effort.  

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you actually want to put in the effort.  You just want to make absolutely sure that every amount of effort you invest in learning the course will move you closer to the end result of being a better drummer.

No! You will need drum sticks and a drum pad or snare (or you can play on the top of a table or anything really). A metronome is highly recommended and there are many free apps that are available. You will also need an internet connection to stream the lessons.

It depends. Some of my best students came into my course just beginning their drumming journey.

I’ve also had longtime “veterans” use my course to FINALLY create an understanding and solid foundation of the paradiddle inversions. Consistency and perseverance are really the only common denominators between all my successful students.  

The lessons inside RUDIMENTAL will make NO assumptions of your current skill level and will map out the entire A-Z process of playing the inversions.  

Whether you’re somewhat new to the world of rudiments or it's been at this a while, the difference-maker will ALWAYS be your willingness to stay the course and trust the process to gain the skills needed to move you forward with confidence. 

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Super simple! You can watch your video lessons right from within the platform. After you purchase and login, you can view from any device. *Internet is required.


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