Join the program that gives you the focus and ingredients needed to take your playing to the next level

Sick of losing focus and trying every drum exercise you can find on YouTube?

You know that you need to practice but it's hard to focus on what it is you need to do. You're lacking the motivation and accountability to make it happen. I'll keep things simple, keep you on track and focus on results. I do all of the workouts myself so join along with me and let's do this together!





Here’s the thing - building your core skills isn’t rocket science…

…but it does take a process to build momentum for the path of improvement.

If you can’t do a single paradiddle at your desired tempo, you’ll be restricted as to how far you can take a double paradiddle, paradiddle diddle etc.

You can’t play a fast flowing syncopated bass drum part if you don’t have your doubles on the foot up to scratch.

You need a firm grip on moving a simple fill around the toms before you can take it to the next level.

It takes learning the core skills to build a foundation that you can develop and progress your skills. If you get confident with these, it will boost your learning in other areas opens the doors to becoming a better drummer. You can get in more quality practice in less time for better results, simply by showing up and doing these workouts.

These core skills work for any musical style. So if it works, why aren’t you doing it? If you’re ready to get on track, get focused and achieve the next level in your drumming, then come and join me for my….



These will see you build your hand speed and endurance so that you have extra confidence when you get on the kit.


We're not going to forget your bass drum! These workouts will keep it simple and your foot will love you for it.


How confident are you moving around the kit? These exercises will get you strong, confident and flowing around the kit.

I’m giving you the tools to help take your playing go to the next level!

  • No 20 minute videos to watch before you find the 1 minute of actual content that you are looking for.
  • No distractions with all of the 1000’s of videos out there to get lost in.
  • No need to worry about doing it all yourself, as I will be here with you for the journey.

Just the key workouts that will give you the foundations to move your drumming forward in so many other areas.

What is keeping you stuck?


There’s so much information out there on the internet, you’re overwhelmed with what to do. With so many options, you’re always looking for the next ‘thing’ that will take your playing to the next level without sticking to anything enough to nail it down.


You aren’t sure what you need to do as you’re hitting a brick wall with your progress. What should you practice? How should you practice? How long do you need to practice for?


You need a practice routine that works into your schedule and allows for consistency. It’s too easy to tell yourself how busy you are and don’t have the time to practice so you end up not doing anything. It’s easier to watch someone on YouTube and think that you’ll get better from watching the video.

I hear these challenges all the time.

I meet passionate students that are full of enthusiasm and ready to move forward with their drumming, but are struggling to break through the barriers in their playing.

...let's fix that.

About Me

I’m Grant Collins and I’m here to help you reach the next level in your playing.

I've been teaching drums for over 25 years and have worked with thousands of students ranging from beginners to full-time professionals and across many different styles of music. One of the main difficulties I encounter with students is maintaining a focused practice regime. Students tend to drift in and out of exercises meaning that they cover a lot of different things but don’t actually nail down any of them.

My goal is to help you stay on track and come out the end with new and concrete skills.

I want to show and help you to nail down exercises that will help to develop your core skills, no matter what level or style of music that you want to do. I can help you along your journey and assist you in becoming a better drummer. I want to not just tell you what to do, but to show you how to go about developing your skills as I do it myself.

The DRUM CHOP ACCELERATOR  is all about giving you a clear path and a clear focus. We’ll remove all the distractions to get you laser-focused on improving your drumming skills.

 I’ll be here to coach you through it all the way and help keep you on track. This is about accountability and mindset change to get you ahead.

You will be joining me for a focused journey that will get you results and help you to break through to the next level... if you have 10 minutes free, you can get in a workout!


Ralph Marston

How does it all work?

Here’s a look at the workouts inside the CHOP ACCELERATOR PROGRAM

Each workout covers multiple levels. So if you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, I've got you covered!

Click on any of the workouts below to see the contents and preview of the workout!


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Hands on workouts that share the proven ingredients to take your playing to the next level.

There are workout tempos for those new to the learning the drums, right up to tempos that will challenge the pros.What level can you get up to?

What level can you get up to?



I will be with you along the way to support you and answer any questions.

structured practice

You will know exactly what you're going to practice before you even sit down to start.


I'll give you the core ingredients you need to focus on. No distractions.


Check in with the community to let us know how you're going.


Online access to materials means you can practice, when and where you want.


If you follow the program, you WILL get the results to move your drumming further.

Get Instant Access to the Drum School!

If you're ready to take you're playing to the next level, I'd love to help you improve and develop your drumming...




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This is something you can benefit from weather you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. I do these workouts myself regularly to keep and build my skills, so I know that it works.

 You get a bunch of workouts that will build your skills, keep you accountable, on track and take you playing to another level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Of course I will hate to see you go, but its easy to do if you need to cancel your membership. Simply go to the billing section of your account and you can cancel from there. Then the subscription will finish when your plan period ends.


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