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Focused programs. In-depth, step by step instruction on a range of topics and styles to help you achieve results in your own time. I've designed the courses based off countless hours in the studio and the structure of one-on-one lessons. So I know how to deliver the right information at the right time and the importance of highlighting trouble spots that frequently come up throughout the learning process.

Many of these courses are also based off the materials and lesson plans with students studying at Conservatoriums and Universities, so now you too can have access to this extended knowledge and take your drumming to the next level!

If you are serious about improving your playing, then you are in the right place.

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I love being creative on the drums - how about you?

About Creativity

I remember spending countless hours in the practice room coming up with my own ideas and just trying different things. The hours would fly by as I was so engaged with the creative practice. Of course I also spent the time developing get my core techniques so that I had the facility.

There’s nothing more exciting that playing a groove or doing a fill that you came up with yourself. If you have spent the time to get a rudiment comfortable and in control, how often do you spend the time to explore what you can do with it on the drumset? Unfortunately most drummers will not take it past the practice pad or use it on the kit in one way that someone else showed them.

Extending Existing Knowledge vs New Knowledge

Let’s keep things simple and say as drummers we have two baskets of our drumming knowledge up to this point in our journey:

Basket One - we own it!
These are grooves, fills and patterns that you know really well and can pull them out whenever you want to put into your playing.

Basket Two - you’ve started on something
These are things that you have started on the the learning journey with but either got sidetracked or it was taking too long to get it so you thought, “I’ll get back to that later”. Which of course is not so likely. These are things that you have spent time on, but are not something that you think of to use in your music because they haven’t become a part of who your are as a drummer. 


Get a kick ass Basket One!
You’ve already spent time getting control of a rudiment (or other pattern), exploit it for all you can. Own that pattern!

I want to show you how to be creative with ideas to get the most out them, and put them in your playing.

Of course there will be heaps of new things to learn too!

My origin as a professional musician was playing in a full time professional covers band. This is a great learning platform for any musician. We had a huge repertoire of songs and I would constantly have to learn new songs every week as the latest hits would come out. I learn’t everything by ear so this taught me a great deal about hearing and understanding what the drummer does in a song and how song writing structures work. I began to realise what the better drummers were doing and how they shaped their drum parts to support the song. I was very meticulous in learning the material and would sit down with headphones, going over each bar, so that I had every single hi hat opening, ride bell and other parts so I could be as close to the original drum part as possible.

As I progressed with my learning, I started looking at doing formal studies to advance my musical skills further. I started to audition at conservatories and universities. Unfortunately my music theory skills were well down in comparison to my drumming skills so I was unsuccessful in my first attempts. I then started to get music theory lessons and after 3 years of auditioning, I was accepted to do my Bachelor of Music. I’ve since gone on to become a Doctor of Music so I have the formal qualifications as well as my on the road experiences to relate to both sides of the spectrum. I’ve also been a conservatorium lecturer and have written course curriculums for subjects so have the skills and know how to structure a course. 

As well as that, I’ve travelled around the world doing concerts and also for my sponsors doing hundreds of clinics, masterclasses and percussion festivals over the past 25+ years. I’ve also done countless hours of private tuition for a wide range of students doing everything from playing in local bands to going to university to winning national drum competitions.

I’ve spent an innumerable number of hours exploring and discovering this awesome instrument and love to share not only the what, but also the how and why on all things drums. I love the creative aspect of music and like to look at ideas from a different perspective. Doing this helps us to discover alternative ways to play things and leads to finding your own individual voice on the instrument. I’m super excited about putting these programs together and would love to be able to transform and inspire your personal music journey.



The ultimate guide to mastering paradiddle inversions. If you know a paradiddle then you have so much untapped potential to take your playing to a whole new level. Learn how to effortlessly mix up accents and phrasing in a myriad of creative ways. This is the course to make it all happen. Step by step video lessons will guide you through the whole processs.


A step by step guide and a systematic approach that is backed by over a decade of proven results. Each module has preliminary exercises using the new rudiments in short musical phrases. Then to end the module, there is a study which contains every rudiment that you have done up to that stage.

Get one month FREE membership to the CHOP ACCELERATOR PROGRAM when you enrol in any course!


The perfect partner to keep motivated, stay focused and take your playing to the next level.


This is my Chop Accelerator Program (CAP). There are a range of practice workouts to play along with. These are the ones I use to keep my skills up and help to move them forward. These will offer you the motivation and focus you need to keep you on track and building your skills.You can structure your practice routine to include both hand and foot workouts.


Finding Your Creative Self

Maximizing Your Skills

Develop Core Fundamentals

Learn New Musical Styles

Rhythmic Approaches

Creative Concepts

& Much More!


  •  You’re looking for focus and direction with your playing but are struggling to find it. 
  • There’s something missing from your playing. You want clear, well presented ideas that you can work on in your own time.
  • You’re struggling to have discipline with your practice and need some structure and supportive approaches.
  •  You’re playing is not going as well as you would like and you want to get the basic fundamentals solid so you can build on your ideas.
  •  You're busy, you have the desire but need to be able to learn and develop in your own time where ever you are.

If any of these ring true, it can just take a bit of extra motivation and then you’ll be on your way!

Creativity is contagious.
Pass it on.

Albert Einstein

Drummers from all around the world are taking advantage of Grant's well thought out, stuructured and next level courses

Scotty Wade
Dark C3ll, STW Drumming, Teacher

"Grant Collins, what a master! Grant has progressed my drumming skills, control over the kit and my skills to become an all-round drummer. A great teacher, confident, extrememely skilled, and his people skills are just amazing. I would highly recommend anyone of any age to receive lessons from Grant. A true professional, a great character and one of the talented drummers in the world!"

Domenico Scarpino
Italian Freelance Drummer

"There is the opportunity to receive lessons from Grant online. It’s fantastic! He is always careful of your musical needs and he can indicate the best way to get your musical goals.  His knowledge is infinite and he can help you in all areas of your drumming with very interesting concepts and challenging exercises. It will be an amazing experience. Now you can from all parts of the world with online lessons. Don’t miss this chance!"  


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